What to Expect When You’re Getting Braces

Braces Treatment

Is getting braces a comfortable experience?

This is one of the most common questions that people usually ask. The truth is applying teeth braces is not at all a painful experience.

Different people wear braces for different reasons. Fortunately, no matter what the reasons for people to wear braces are, modern technological advancements in the dental industry has helped in making the wires and appliances cutting edge which exert a very slight, consistent and biologically sound force that reduces any pain or soreness that may come from your orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, it is normal for a bit of mild and rarely moderate discomfort to still be expected but most individuals usually adapt to the discomfort which is usually associated with orthodontic treatment.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You’re Getting Braces:

  • Placement Day

Placing the teeth braces is not at all painful but it may take you longer than usual to eat meals as your mouth adjusts to your new braces. In certain cases, your teeth may tend to feel more sensitive than normal. Avoid difficult to chew foods and follow a softer more liquid-like diet consisting of foods like porridge, cheese, macaroni, mashed potatoes, yogurt, soups, milkshakes and smoothies for the first couple of days after having your braces placed.

  • Two-Three Days After Placement

The first few days after getting new braces can be a bit uncomfortable as your teeth have just begun their realignment process and are hardly used to the pressure of the new pressure of the archwire and orthodontic elastic bands. Your orthodontist will give you relief wax to apply on your teeth braces as and when you need it. This wax helps in creating a smooth surface and reduces any irritation that you may be experiencing on your inner cheeks and lips.

  • First Week with Braces

The initial irritation and discomfort that you felt at the beginning of your orthodontic treatment should disappear after five days. Your teeth would have become used to the braces by now and eating soft foods will become a lot easier. Eating some hard foods can still be difficult for the wearer but you can generally resume your normal eating routine provided you know what to eat with braces and what to avoid.

  • After Each Orthodontic Appointment

Regular orthodontic appointments are necessary to allow your orthodontist to monitor your braces and change metal or rubber ties, change the archwire as well as make adjustments to your braces. Fixed teeth braces tend to move your teeth slowly into better alignment which requires gentle and consistent pressure. The first few days after an orthodontic adjustment can be slightly uncomfortable, but remember that this discomfort will quickly fade away for people getting braces treatment from a top rated orthodontist at Carmel and Briarcliff.

Dealing with Discomfort

Getting over the counter medication and orthodontic relief wax will help you reduce any pain and reduce any discomfort and soreness that you may be feeling after you get braces or after having orthodontic adjustments done. .Another effective solution for braces pain relief is chewing sugar-free gum which helps increase the blood flow to your gums and also encourages your teeth to align faster.

If your brackets or archwires become loose or your teeth braces break, make sure that you call your orthodontist immediately. Again delaying this can mean that you’ll have to wear your braces for longer than expected.

The braces treatment requires proper care and commitment but you should bear in mind that it is an investment that will give you a perfectly straight smile you’ll be proud of! And if you want to find out more about the types of dental braces and what is your best option, schedule an appointment with us at Putnam Orthodontics in Carmel and Briarcliff today!

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