Midline Misalignment: Causes and Treatment Options

Midline Misalignment

Can you recall Tom Cruise roaming around in braces in 2002? Well, he had to do it to treat his midline misalignment, the same dental condition that this article is focusing on! Midline Misalignment refers to the improper alignment of the centerlines of the upper and lower teeth, leading to asymmetry in appearance and bite issues. It is also known as deviated midline or dental midline shift.

You don’t need to worry if you are one of the many adults having this common dental disorder. The misaligned midline is perfectly treatable. And mostly, the treatment doesn’t involve many complications. Let’s see why it happens and the treatment options for misaligned midline teeth.

Causes of Midline Misalignment

Some medical conditions and lifestyle habits lead to midline misalignment. Check these common causes of midline misaligned teeth and see if you relate to any of these.

Missing Teeth or Hypodontia

Missing teeth or hypodontia is when one or more of your adult teeth are missing. It can be due to gum disease, tooth decay, injury, or you are born with this condition. Your remaining teeth get shifted to fill the open spot, causing a dental midline shift.

Crowded Teeth

Midline teeth also get disturbed due to the crowding of teeth in your mouth. When your teeth grow abnormally, they don’t follow the proper spacing between them. It happens because of the lack of room in your mouth for all of them. As a result, you get a misaligned midline.

Jaw Misalignment

You may have heard about crossbite, open bite, underbite. All these are different types of jaw misalignments. They cause malocclusion of teeth, which doesn’t let them fit together perfectly. Thus it is natural to cause midline teeth to shift as well.

Bad Childhood Habits

If the childhood habit of sucking the thumb or pacifier gets prolonged, it creates many orthodontic issues. One of them is the misalignment of dental midlines. But this is one factor you can control by regulating your growing baby’s thumb or pacifier sucking.

Treatment Options for Midline Misalignment

An orthodontist knows the best way to treat your specific condition. However, this post can give you a heads up on some of the popular treatment options your orthodontist may suggest.


Braces can pretty much treat all types of dental misalignments. They are also effective for treating misaligned midline teeth, especially if the reason is an abnormal bite. They can resolve the issue at the skeletal level. Along with correcting the dental midlines, braces can also cure other minor orthodontic issues that are coming between you and a healthy smile.


Here is a solution to your minor dental midline shift without visibly embarrassing and poking metal brackets and wires. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible. Therefore it’s super popular amongst adults and teens. And they are removable, so no food restrictions! But only your orthodontist can tell whether Invisalign is appropriate for your misaligned midline or not.


Veneers cover all types of imperfections of your teeth, including misaligned midline teeth. They are made of durable porcelain and look like your tooth only. Veneers are bonded to your teeth in a way that it’s difficult to spot the difference between them and your original teeth.


Whatever is the factor responsible for your misaligned dental midline, you can find a cure for that in modern dentistry. So don’t have any second thoughts regarding approaching an orthodontist at the earliest.

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