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Invisalign® clear aligners are a great option for teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth without braces for better oral health and an improved smile. They are virtually invisible aligners which gradually help shift your teeth to their ideal position without any wires or brackets.

Invisalign® is one of the most preferred orthodontic treatments among teens and adults to straighten teeth without the hassles of braces. These see through and virtually invisible aligners offer multiple benefits over conventional metal braces. We create 3D digital images of your teeth during your smile assessment, based on which Dr. Pai and his team will determine a treatment plan. Your Invisalign® clear aligners will be customized accordingly to give you the best results in terms of oral health and smile.

Invisalign® for Teens

Invisalign® aligners for teens were especially developed keeping in mind the various challenges teenagers face while using aligners for teeth straightening. The special features of these Invisalign® aligners which help teens tackle the common issues of wearing aligners are as follows:

  • Eruption TabsIn case of teens who still have some baby teeth left or have incompletely erupted permanent teeth, Invisalign® aligners for teens are a perfect solution. These aligners consist of spaces which allow easy eruption of permanent teeth. This in turn helps enhance the comfort levels.
  • Extra Set of Replacement AlignersLosing or damaging aligners is one of the most common complaints of teenagers who use aligners. This issue is easily addressed as Invisalign® for teens comes with 6 sets of replacement aligners. This makes it possible for teens to continue their treatment without any interruptions caused due to lost or damaged aligners.
  • Color IndicatorsMajority of teens don’t wear aligners as prescribed by orthodontists. Invisalign® for teens makes it easy for them to follow the prescribed treatment period with small blue marker dots which fade away after 2 weeks or 336 hours of wear. This feature makes it simple for teens to complete the treatment without putting in much effort.
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Why Should You Choose Invisalign® for Teens & Adults?

  • You can wear them more confidently in public as they are virtually invisible.
  • The results can be observed more easily as compared to conventional braces at every stage of the orthodontic treatment.
  • The Invisalign® treatment requires fewer visits as compared to the treatment involving traditional metal braces. Thus, the number of your visits to the orthodontist are reduced.
  • These aligners use high quality material which offer more controlled movement of teeth and hence greater predictability.
  • You have the freedom to remove them while eating so that you can enjoy your favorite foods without any type of restrictions.
  • The Invisalign® aligners pose no risk of injury due to wires and sharp brackets and are absolutely pain free.
  • Since there is no risk of injury from sharp brackets, you can continue enjoying your favorite contact sports.
  • The structure is simple and has no brackets and wires, which means you need not spend extra time on cleaning your Invisalign®. You only need to clean them with your brush and rinse them with lukewarm water.

Cut your treatment time with amazing results and the invisible look of Invisalign® for teens or adults. Visit us in Carmel or Briarcliff, NY and our 3D printing technology at Putnam Orthodontics will assure you a perfect fit.

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