12 Valuable Invisalign Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Invisalign tips and tricks

If you are looking to have your crooked teeth fixed without affecting your appearance, then Invisalign would be a perfect option for you. It is an ‘invisible’ orthodontic solution but taking care of Invisalign is essential to ensure its full effectiveness.

Here are certain Invisalign tips and tricks that orthodontists recommend:

1. Follow the 48-hour instruction

When you first get fitted with Invisalign, ensure you wear the aligner trays as much as possible during the first 48 hours. Generally, orthodontists recommend that you take them off only when you brush or floss your teeth and then put them back on immediately.

2. Wear the aligners for 22 hours a day

Invisalign braces will be effective only when you wear them for at least twenty-two hours each day. If you don’t follow this, the results will be slower. Take them out only for eating and brushing.

3. Maintain good oral habits

The aligners fit snugly to the teeth, which means that remnants of the food you eat will press against the teeth. If you don’t maintain good brushing and flossing habits, the food that is struck will make the teeth more susceptible to plaque and bacteria. Remove the aligners after every meal or snack and rinse the mouth once. Brush and floss twice a day regularly.

4. Ensure Proper Aligner Change Schedule

Stick to your orthodontist’s recommended timeline for changing aligners to avoid fit issues and achieve optimal treatment results. Most aligners are worn for two weeks; deviating from this schedule can prolong treatment duration and incur additional costs.

5. Keep the aligners clean

Rinse the Invisalign aligners every time you take them out. When you brush your teeth, brush the aligners as well, however, don’t brush them using toothpaste. Doing this will cause the aligners to get scratched and make them more susceptible to absorbing stains and odors. Gently brush them with just a moistened toothbrush or soak them in retainer cleaner. Use lukewarm water only as hot water may cause the aligners to not fit properly.

6. Smooth Aligner Edges

If your aligner trays feel sharp and cause gum irritation, gently smooth the edges using a nail buffer. Avoid excessive reshaping, but slight rounding can alleviate discomfort without compromising effectiveness.

7. Stay hydrated

Your body will produce extra saliva as a natural response to a foreign object, i.e., the aligners. This extra saliva production may cause dehydration. Drink plenty of water to prevent it. Moreover, the aligners will prevent the saliva from doing its job of getting rid of bacteria from your gums and teeth. Water will wash down food particles and ensure that nothing remains stuck to the teeth.

8. Practice your speech

When you first start wearing the Invisalign aligners, you will feel a little discomfort and inconvenience. You might even speak with a slight lisp, however, this won’t last long. Practice talking with your aligners on and you will get the hang of it, and eventually, you will start speaking normally again.

9. Keep Previous Aligners

Hold onto discarded aligners as backups in case of loss or damage to your current set. Using no aligner can result in teeth shifting, prolonging treatment; having a backup ensures continuity in your treatment plan.

10. Follow dietary instructions

Out of all the braces available, Invisalign offers the most freedom to eat. You can take them off and stick to your regular diet but you need to follow some dietary instructions. Avoid chewing gums and limit alcohol intake. Avoid food like coffee or wine that can leave stains on the aligners.

11. Proper Storage

Use a retainer case or sturdy container to store aligners when not in use, preventing misplacement. Opt for brightly colored cases for easy identification, especially when on the go.

12. Set Reminder

Set reminders on your phone to ensure timely reinsertion of aligners after removal. This prevents accidental neglect and potential treatment delays or extra costs associated with lost trays.

Invisalign results are quick but you should not rush the treatment. The teeth need to move at a consistently slow and gentle pace. Rushing the treatment could cause tooth resorption or shrinkage and it would make the teeth less stable and more likely to fall out over time.

To learn more about the Invisalign treatment process and Invisalign tips, call Putnam Orthodontics today and make an appointment with an expert orthodontist in Carmel or Briarcliff!

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