What Do Invisalign Chewies Do & How to Use Them Correctly?

invisalign chewies

You may have heard about Invisalign chewies if you are presently getting Invisalign treatment. These simple yet powerful tools may substantially improve your aligner experience and help you get better outcomes.

You might be wondering, what do these chewies do with straightening teeth? This blog answers your question in detail. It looks at their advantages, how they work, how to use Invisalign chewies, and addresses some frequent concerns.

So, let’s get started!

What are Invisalign Chewies?

Invisalign chewies are tiny, soft, and flexible cylinders. So, what do chewies do for Invisalign? Well, when you initially start using Invisalign aligners, they may not fit precisely against your teeth. This is when the chewies come into play! Biting down on these small assistants can help seat the aligners, correctly giving a more exact fit. Consider it a slight nudge in the right direction for your aligners.

How do Invisalign Chewies work?

Invisalign Chewies work by providing a method to properly seat clear aligners against the teeth. By biting down on them, they help apply consistent pressure, aiding in the alignment process by ensuring a snug fit of the aligners, which promotes effective tooth movement and treatment progress.

Advantages of Invisalign Chewies

Now that you know what chewies are for Invisalign, let’s look at the incredible ways chewies help Invisalign.

  • Improved Aligner Fit: By biting chewies, you apply additional pressure to the aligners, which enhances their fit and encourages the necessary tooth motions.
  • Reduced Gaps and Pain: When you initially start using a new set of aligners, you may feel some pain or detect small air gaps between your teeth and the aligners. Chewies help relieve Invisalign pain and assist in filling gaps, creating a more comfortable fit.
  • Treatment Process Acceleration: Chewies can speed up Invisalign treatment. The additional pressure optimizes the alignment process, letting your teeth move into their targeted locations more effectively.
  • Improved Speech: When you first start wearing aligners, your speech may be affected briefly. Chewies assist you in adjusting to your aligners more quickly since they activate the muscles in your mouth. This aids in better enunciation.

How to Use Chewies for Invisalign?

It’s simple to use Invisalign chewies. But it’s critical to follow your orthodontist’s directions for the best results.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Frequency: By now, you might be wondering how often to use chewies with Invisalign. Generally, orthodontists recommend using the chewies for 5-10 minutes multiple times daily. However, depending on your unique treatment plan, your orthodontist may suggest otherwise.
  • Best Time to Use: It’s critical to select a time that works best for you to use the chewies consistently. You may like to use them after placing their aligners, while others may prefer to use them before going to bed. So, experiment to find what works best for you.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Keep your chewies clean by washing them with warm water and mild soap after each use. Avoid using aggressive chemicals or cleansers that may cause the material to deteriorate. Furthermore, keep them in a clean, dry area to preserve their cleanliness.

Additional Chewies Tips for Maximum Effectiveness

  • Use Comfortable Chewing Techniques: Bite on the chewies softly and in a controlled manner. Biting down too hard may cause discomfort or damage to the aligners.
  • Apply Limited Pressure and Don’t Overexert: Follow your orthodontist’s recommendations and remember that using too much pressure might cause unneeded discomfort or even injury.
  • Track Progress: Pay attention to how your aligners fit after using the Invisalign chewies consistently. If you notice a considerable improvement in the fit and comfort of your aligners, the chewies are working.

Common Chewies Concerns

These are some minuscule concerns that you might have while using chewies. They are mentioned here so that you don’t get confused. Check them out!

  • Initial Discomfort: You may experience slight discomfort while using chewies for the first time, especially if you have sensitive teeth or gums.
  • Cleanliness: To avoid bacteria growth, clean your chewies and store them in a clean and dry area after each use.
  • Replacement: Chewies can wear out or become less effective over time. It’s crucial to replace them if you see any damage symptoms or if they lose their pliability.

Are there alternatives to Invisalign chewies?

Yes, There are some alternatives available:

  • Cotton rolls: Rolled-up cotton pieces can provide a similar cushioning effect when biting down on clear aligners.
  • Pencil erasers: Clean pencil erasers can be used to apply pressure to the aligners, aiding in their proper fit.
  • Chewies alternatives: Some individuals use other soft, chewable materials like silicone mouth guards or chew toys to achieve a similar effect.

The purpose of Invisalign chewies is to act like a tool that can help you get the most out of your teeth straightening treatment. They play an important part by enhancing aligner seating and fit, minimizing pain, expediting treatment progress, and assisting with speech correction. Nevertheless, you can contact your orthodontist with any concerns or questions regarding chewies.


1. Can Chewies Speed Up My Invisalign Treatment?

Chewies can potentially help improve the fit of your Invisalign aligners, but they don’t directly speed up treatment; their main purpose is to ensure proper alignment and seating of the aligners for optimal effectiveness.

2. How Do Chewies Help with Invisalign?

Chewies help with Invisalign by assisting in the proper seating of the aligners against the teeth. When bitten down on, they apply pressure, ensuring a snug fit, which aids in tooth movement and treatment effectiveness.

3. Are Invisalign Chewies Reusable?

Yes, Invisalign Chewies are typically reusable; however, they may lose effectiveness over time and need replacement when they become worn out or less resilient.

4.  How Often Are You Supposed to Use Chewies?

Chewies are typically recommended to be used several times a day, especially after inserting new aligners. This helps ensure proper alignment and seating of the aligners against the teeth, aiding in effective tooth movement during Invisalign treatment.

5. How Do You Clean Invisalign Chewies?

To clean Invisalign Chewies, rinse them thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or hot water, as they may damage the material. Allow the chewies to air dry completely before storing them in a clean container or case.

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