How to Fix Underbite?

How to fix Underbite

What is an Underbite?

An underbite is characterized by the lower jaw protruding beyond the upper jaw. This may be formed through a malformation of the jawbone.

Sometimes a severe case of underbite can have many harmful health effects, other than not being aesthetically pleasing.

Underbites not only spoil the appearance of your face but are responsible for a variety of adverse health effects that include:

Jaw Pain

The Temporomandibular Joint connects the jawbone to the skull, and having a malocclusion puts extreme pressure on it. This can cause pain and can permeate to other areas and cause facial pain, ear pain, and headaches.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

An underbite can cause a lot of wear and tear on your teeth and cause tooth decay, gum disease, and erosion of tooth enamel.

Underbite Speech Problems

A severe case of an underbite can also cause problems with speech because the positions of the tongue and teeth are altered. This can become a lisp in severe cases.

Chewing and Swallowing

In severe cases of jaw misalignment, chewing and swallowing become more difficult.

How to Treat an Underbite?

For a child, the underbite might correct itself. However, if the child’s underbite is not causing a problem, then parents must wait till the age 7 to further go for corrective underbite treatment. But for older teens and adults, it’s a different story. One of the most effective ways to deal with a mild underbite is getting braces.

But in case of extreme underbite or if there is overcrowding in your teeth, then an oral surgeon can help you by performing an underbite correction surgery to bring your upper and lower jaws into alignment. You will be required to keep your teeth in alignment after your mouth adjusts to the new shape.

How to Fix Underbite in Children?

Here are a few ways to fix underbite in children:

Chin Cap:

This is a device that wraps around the chin and lower jaw, preventing it from growing. This stops the lower jaw from taking the wrong shape in children or kids in their early teens whose jaw is being formed.

Upper Jaw Expander:

A device called Palatal Expander is placed on the roof of the mouth and widened each night. This increases the size of the dental arch, also helps align the upper and lower jaws properly.

Reverse Pull Face Mask:

This device is made up of two pads. One on the forehead, and other on the chin, connected by a vertical frame. This device gently pulls up the upper jaw so that it aligns with the lower jaw.

Getting braces treatment can be very beneficial for correcting an underbite. Braces can correct the alignment of the teeth around the jaw, close the gaps between teeth and reign in the front teeth.

Overbite vs Underbite

In an overbite, top teeth extend out and cover the lower teeth wholly or partially. This kind of teeth alignment usually results in a rounder and shorter facial appearance.
And in an underbite, lower teeth protrude out. This type of bad bite does not only affect cosmetic appearance but is also one of the leading causes of temporomandibular joint disorder.

When it comes to an underbite correction, it’s best to remedy the situation in early childhood with a pair of braces for a hassle-free dental treatment. Book an appointment with us today, if you’re looking for a great, hassle-free orthodontic treatment for underbite.

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