How to Fix a Crossbite & Why it is Important to Treat Crossbite


What is Crossbite?

A beautiful smile and a typical chewing experience are not too much to ask for! But it doesn’t come easily to some people. Some kids are born with a crossbite. It is a misalignment of teeth. This condition may affect your front teeth or back teeth. Each patient’s problem differs from the other.

Crossbite makes your upper teeth hidden behind your lower teeth or vice versa. If you suffer from crossbite, daily tasks like biting and smiling will also be challenging. But there are modern treatments available like braces treatment to cure bite problems.

What are the Different Types of Crossbite

1) Anterior Crossbite

Anterior crossbite is commonly known as an underbite. In underbite conditions, upper front teeth are affected. They got overlapped by the lower front teeth. It makes your jaw and chin look abnormal.

There can be various causes of an underbite, including overflowing teeth and mouth breathing.

2) Posterior Crossbite

The positioning of the back teeth is affected by a posterior crossbite. The causes of getting posterior crossbite are the same as the causes of an underbite. But sometimes it may happen due to the late falling of the baby tooth.

Both types of crossbite can be treated by getting braces. But it will be easier if the treatment starts at an early age.

What are the Causes of Crossbite?

1) Genes

Genetics is one of the primary causes of crossbite. If the jaw’s abnormality runs in your family, it is almost inevitable for you or the coming generation to inherit crossbite.

2) Breathing Through Mouth

Kids breathe through their mouth during sleep. This habit leads to abnormal facial growth. Chances of suffering from crossbite increase in children born with a smaller upper jaw.

3) Childhood Habits

Sucking on the thumb or pacifier adversely affects jaw growth. Chewing habits are also sometimes responsible for getting overbite ata later age.

4) Delayed Falling of Milk Teeth

Sometimes baby teeth or milk teeth again get tightened in gums when they were about to fall. This causes a delay in falling of baby teeth and eruption of permanent teeth as well. The Orthodontist can extract the stubborn tooth to prevent crossbite.

What are the Repercussions of Untreated Crossbite?

Following are some common health issues arising from untreated crossbite –

  1. Chipped tooth due to constant obstruction of teeth against each other.
  2. Gum diseases due to cavities.
  3. Gum recession due to constant collision with teeth. This makes gums prone to infection and decay.
  4. Crossbite can also lead to painful TMJ disorder.

How to Fix a Crossbite in Kids & Teenagers?

1) Palate Expander

A palate expander is used to extend the upper palate in your mouth. When the upper jaw is raised, the lower teeth fit perfectly with the upper teeth. It is easier to use expanders for kids and teenagers. Their jaw is still in the growing stage, unlike adults. Some adults are also treated with a palate expander for minor expansion.

2) Braces Treatment

Getting braces is a permanent solution for not only crossbite but all kinds of bite problems. Braces treatment uses braces as appliances to correct the positioning of the teeth and jaw. Nowadays, some adults are also getting braces. But braces treatment is more comfortable and cheaper for kids and teenagers. Orthodontists recommend starting the braces treatment as soon as the age of 7 years.

How to Fix A Crossbite in Adults?

1) Invisalign

If the crossbite is not severe, it can be treated with Invisalign rather than traditional braces. Invisalign are also called clear aligners as they are made up of transparent plastic material. It is an ideal treatment for professionals who don’t want to go for visibly embarrassing braces.

2) Jaw Realignment Surgery

Braces treatment might not work for all adults. In cases of serious crossbite, Orthodontists perform jaw realignment surgery. It corrects the position of your jaw.

3) Aligners

Aligners are customized mouthpieces for every patient. Moderate crossbite can be cured by teeth aligners. Their advantage is that they cover the entire set of teeth. This prevents teeth from colliding with each other.

4) Elastics

Elastics rubber bands are placed across teeth. Their purpose is to pressurize teeth to make proper space for each other. This treatment is often used as a supportive treatment.

Signing Off!

The orthodontic treatment is much less complicated and cost-effective in the initial stage of any dental problem. Book an appointment today with Dr. Pai, a trusted orthodontist in Carmel with over 14 years of experience to get rid of your crossbite related problem

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