Do Braces Change Your Face? Effects of Orthodontic Treatment

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Say goodbye to the idea of just having straight teeth! Braces have the potential to transform your entire facial appearance. Are you interested in learning how they have such a powerful impact?

Orthodontists are essentially the masterminds behind your smile (and sometimes even your facial structure). They utilize various techniques, such as braces, to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. Interestingly, braces do more than just perfect your smile – they can also contribute to reshaping your face!”

How Do Braces Work?

Braces work by applying gentle, constant pressure to your teeth. This pressure is exerted through brackets attached to each tooth and a thin wire threaded through them. Over time, this pressure prompts the periodontal ligament, the tissue surrounding your teeth, to remodel the bone around your teeth. This gradual process allows your teeth to move into their desired positions. Your dentist or orthodontist will adjust the wire throughout your treatment to ensure your teeth move in the right direction and achieve proper alignment.

Do Teeth Braces Change the Shape of Your Face?

Many people have this question do braces change your face? The answer is yes. Braces can influence the shape of your face, although the changes are usually subtle. Braces consistently and gently compress your teeth. Our body reacts to this pressure through the brackets and wires, changing the surrounding bone around your teeth. Braces can occasionally define our chin, soften a strong jawline, or even improve lip position by correcting misalignments like overbites or underbites. This results in a more harmonic and balanced facial profile overall.

How Does Age Influence Whether Braces Change your Face Shape?

Age plays a big role in how much braces can reshape your face

Children and Teenagers: Their jaws, cheekbones, and even the muscles surrounding their mouths are still growing and maturing throughout this time. As a result, they are more flexible and sensitive to the light pressure that braces apply. Hence, braces transformation may have a more noticeable effect on their facial characteristics, including affecting lip position, redefining the jawline, and correcting imbalances.

Adults: Adults can still experience significant advantages from getting braces, although the impact on their facial structure might not be as dramatic as it is for younger individuals. Unlike children and teenagers, adults have less flexible jaw and bone structures, which are already fully developed. As a result, bone remodeling occurs at a slower pace, leading to less noticeable changes in facial characteristics. Nonetheless, adults can still benefit from improvements such as a more harmonious facial appearance and a refined jawline resulting from corrected bite issues.

Possible Changes to the Facial Structure

Braces can influence your jawline, nose, lips and mouth in the following ways:

  • Jawline: Braces can create a more balanced facial profile by repositioning and aligning teeth, which can positively impact your jaws and face structure. This can make your jawline appear narrower. Braces can also help close gaps between teeth, preventing sagging around the jaw and making it look more toned.
  • Nose: While braces won’t directly change your nose, they can affect its overall appearance by influencing the alignment of your teeth. Straightening your teeth can help bring balance and harmony to your entire face.
  • Lips and Mouth: When you first get braces, they might make your lips appear fuller or larger temporarily. This is usually due to the initial pressure and adjustments. However, this effect should subside over time. Braces can also slightly change your lip shape by influencing how your top and bottom teeth come together. In addition, braces may cause temporary indentations in the soft tissues of your lips and cheeks as they tighten over time.

The Benefits of Braces

Several advantages of braces extend well beyond having a beautiful smile. Your face shape changes before and after braces. It can be achieved with the mild pressure they apply to your teeth during therapy. Braces can improve your facial profile by realigning your teeth and jaws, giving you a more harmonic and balanced look. This can entail improving the position of your lips, softening a firm jaw, or even defining your jawline. Furthermore, by improving the overall proportions of your face, braces might indirectly improve the shape of your nose. Due to their growing facial structures, toddlers and teenagers usually undergo the most noticeable changes, although adults can still benefit from more symmetrical features or a narrower jawline. Beyond aesthetics, braces can also improve your oral health by making it easier to clean your teeth and reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.


  1. Do braces change your cheekbones?Of course! Braces can fix spaces between teeth and overbite issues. For example, if the upper teeth stick out or are too far back, it can make the cheeks look sunken. Braces can move the upper jaw into a better position, make the spaces between teeth more even, and make your cheekbones look better.
  2. Will braces make my face look worse?Braces are unlikely to make your face look worse. Your orthodontist understands how braces might affect your facial appearance and will ensure that they do not create any imbalances. Braces are prescribed not only to correct misaligned teeth but also while considering their overall impact on your facial appearance.
  3. Will braces change the shape of my nose?Braces that move your upper teeth can change the shape of your jawbone, which affects the space between your nose and upper lip. This may make your nose look more proportional to your face, but braces cannot change the actual shape of your nose.

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