Damon Braces in Carmel & Briarcliff

If you are looking for a more comfortable & convenient option for teeth straightening, the Damon system is the perfect solution for you. These braces are far more convenient and comfortable as compared to the conventional braces.

The Damon system consists of a slide mechanism which attaches wires to brackets so that they can move naturally along with the teeth as they shift to their ideal position. No steel or elastic ties are used with Damon brackets. Thus, this mechanism offers the patient more comfort and faster results.

Why Should You Choose Damon Braces?

  • Shorter Treatment Time

    As compared to traditional braces, your teeth shift faster into their ideal position with Damon braces. The Damon system uses a sliding mechanism which makes the shifting of the teeth easier and faster. Hence, you can expect much shorter periods between visits. As a result, your treatment time is cut down by around 4-5 months on an average as compared to the treatment time of conventional braces.

  • Fewer Appointments

    Damon braces require fewer adjustments to straighten your teeth, requiring fewer number of appointments with us. Arches are changed much faster which helps save time for both you and our orthodontic team. You will probably need to visit only every two months as compared to traditional braces treatment for which you need to visit your orthodontist every month.

  • Comfort

    Due to the light titanium wires used, your teeth are gently guided into their ideal positions. This greatly reduces the amount of pressure on the teeth and gives you a more comfortable experience. With Damon braces, you also experience less friction which in turn helps avoid further deterioration of your teeth.

  • Simplified Oral Hygiene

    The design of traditional braces is such that there are more possibilities of bacteria accumulating. This increases the risk of plaque and in turn cavities. Whereas, the design of Damon braces is such that it is comparatively easier to keep the braces clean. This not only simplifies your oral hygiene routine but also reduces the risk of plaque or cavity development because of braces.

If you are looking for a fantastic option for braces, that look good and are comfortable, visit us at any of our offices in Carmel or Briarcliff, NY. Dr. Pai and his talented team at Putnam Orthodontics have extensive experience with the Damon system treatment.
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