Covid-19 Ortho FAQs

Dear Putnam Ortho Family,

Due to the recent unexpected turn of events, you might have a few questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and what effect it may have on your orthodontic care. Our team @ Putnam Ortho has compiled a list of FAQs to help you gain clarity on some aspects of the situation you are in right now.

Our office is scheduled to reopen on April 1. That said, we are continuously assessing the situation, and if there is a change in the reopening date, we will intimate you.

However, our team is available to assist patients by phone and email from 9 am-5 pm Monday – Friday. You can email or call on 914-432-7625 Briarcliff or 845-459-8500 Carmel

Q – Why you had to keep your orthodontic office closed?
Due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous health and government officials, including NYS Dental Association, and NYS Dept of Health have recommended stopping all elective procedures for safety reasons. Elective procedures are treatment procedures that do not involve treating a medical emergency to save a life.

Q – I am wearing Invisalign aligners. How should I proceed?
Make sure you wear your active aligners as instructed. If there is a visible space between your teeth and the aligners, make sure you use your chewies and bite and hold it till the visible space disappears. The best way to do it is to bite into your chewie for 10 seconds and then work it around your teeth lightly by biting and holding for 10 minutes.

If you do not have aligners to continue to your next week, it’s perfectly fine to wear your last aligners; however, reduce the aligner wear to a retainer phase of 10-12 hours per day. This will ensure that your teeth stay in position and your aligners last longer. Ensure that you keep your aligners clean. Avoid all drinks other than water while you are wearing them. When our office reopens, we’ll take a new digital scan for new aligners to continue the treatment.

Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water before removing and placing your elastics or aligners.

Q – I lost or broke my retainer or aligner. What should I do?
Don’t panic. Get in touch with us. Leave a voice mail, call the office or write us an email. We’ll contact you to see how we can proceed.

Q – I am wearing braces or an appliance. How should I proceed?
Ensure you keep good oral hygiene — brush and floss three times a day. DO NOT eat forbidden foods to avoid any breakage. If wearing any elastic, continue to do so as instructed.

Your braces will continue to straighten your teeth, and your elastic wear will continue to correct your bite. Once we reopen, we will be able to advance your treatment.

Q – I am scheduled for braces removal. What about getting my braces off?
Although dental care is very safe for patients and dental care providers follow hospital-level sterilization protocols and standard universal precautions, the procedure of teeth cleaning and the removal of orthodontic bonding materials produce aerosols that may contain biological material.

At a time like this, it’s a good practice to defer braces removal. However, make sure that you maintain your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. When the situation normalizes, and we are advised that it is safe to go ahead with the dental procedures, we will resume the removal of braces.

Q – I have a poking wire or other irritation that is bothering me. What do I do?
Call us! We’ll instruct you on the best resolution to the situation. We’ll try to provide you with an easy fix which you can do at home. If it is a true emergency where you are suffering from severe pain and discomfort, you can make a quick VIP trip to the office, where you would be attended to in a private setting with you being the only patient in the office.

Q – What should I do if I am scheduled to start treatment soon?
It’s a big step, and we are excited to help you get a new smile. We hope this change in the schedule will not be for long. As soon as the situation stabilizes, we’ll be ready for you!

Q – We are advised to wash our hands frequently; how should we handle wearing orthodontic appliances such as retainers, aligners, elastics, etc.?
In order to maintain your treatment progress, it is important that you continue wearing your aligners and your rubber bands. If you are on retainers, continue wearing them as instructed to maintain the treatment result.

Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before and after placing or removing your elastics, aligners or retainers. Wash or clean these orthodontic appliances with diluted soap and water solution. Use an old toothbrush to clean them, and then rinse them thoroughly in cold water.

Q – What if I have a routine appointment upcoming, such as growth monitoring, recall examination, retainer check, or new patient consultation?
Although these appointments are very important, they are elective in nature, especially at a time like this. We have maintained all appointment records, and we will reschedule them appropriately when the situation gets normal.

Q – Are patients allowed in the office at all? Is there anyone to address their concerns?
Our team is available to assist you and answer your concerns via phone or email. Our office is scheduled to reopen on April 1.

We will be updating our website regularly at to help you stay updated with how our office is responding and to provide you with resources such as this at a centralized place. Also, follow us on for updates.

We hope that this FAQ section has provided you with the answers you were seeking.

Thank you for understanding. We are grateful that you have chosen us for your orthodontic care. We wish you good health and are looking forward to seeing you in person real soon!

The Putnam Orthodontics team