Braces Stains on Teeth: Causes, Prevention Tips & Treatment

Stains due to Braces

If you are on braces, the day you most look forward to is when your orthodontist will take them off. You are excited to see a straight line of pearly white teeth. But you might feel somewhat disappointed if you find out your teeth are slightly yellow around the brackets. However, braces stains during braces treatment are preventable. But it is also possible to treat this issue afterward as well.

Therefore, there is no need to get worried if you’ve got stains due to braces. We are here to help you out. This article will explain the causes, preventive tips, and treatment for stains due to braces.

Causes of Dental Discolouration After Braces

If you think that the constant pushing of braces wire and brackets is the culprit, you couldn’t be more wrong. Braces don’t cause dental discoloration on their own. It happens basically due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar in your teeth. Sometimes, you are not able to brush your teeth properly due to braces.

This causes plaque, bacteria, and cavities in your mouth. In addition, the acid produced by these elements extracts minerals from your teeth. This leaves a hollow part of your teeth whiter than other parts. Eating certain foods otherwise banned during braces treatment is also responsible for the yellow teeth after braces.

How to prevent Yellow Stains Due to Braces

If you are on braces right now, below mentioned tips would help you to avoid yellow teeth after braces:-

1. Maintain Proper Daily Oral Hygiene

Your orthodontists must’ve provided you with guidelines regarding brushing and flossing. Follow those guidelines diligently. Brushing after every meal is a standard instruction during braces treatment. The reason being that the leftover food particles produce stain-causing cavities and bacteria in your mouth.

Add mouthwash and flossing to your cleaning routine for further protection from bacteria. They can reach where your regular toothbrush can’t reach.

2. Visit Your orthodontist for Regular Cleaning & Check-up

In your busy lifestyle, many a time, you want to avoid or postpone your dental cleaning appointment. But that would be a big mistake. During these regular cleanings, your orthodontist replaces the old ligatures or rubber bands with new ones. The old one present in your mouth can become a reason for braces stains. There can be some food particles stuck within them.

There are various benefits of regularly visiting your orthodontist apart from cleaning. Your regular dental check-up and discussion with them regarding the progress of the braces treatment is vital. Also, they can alert you for any chances of stains due to braces in the early stage.

3. Avoid Harmful Food and Drinks

We are talking here about the same kind of food and drinks that your orthodontist asked you to avoid during braces treatment. The irony is that some of those foodstuffs are your favorites. Coffee, soda, tea, tomato sauce, tomato paste, dark color juices, acidic and starchy food, soy sauce, pickles, cranberries, alcohol, etc., are the kind of food and drink which causes the undesirable yellow stains during braces.

Permanency of Stains After Braces

There is a piece of good news for you! The braces stains are not permanent. There are treatments like teeth whitening, dental veneers, microabrasion, which whitens the yellow teeth after braces. We will tell you more about these treatments in our next section.

But your orthodontist will suggest you wait for some time before starting any of these teeth whitening treatments. Because your braces stains might automatically become less visible in some time. This happens due to their constant exposure to your saliva.

How to get rid of braces stains

Here are the three proven ways to treat dental discoloration after braces:-

1. Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells that are attached to the front surface of your teeth. They are customized according to your individual teeth color so that it doesn’t look artificial. But it is recommended by orthodontists in extreme cases only.

2. Microabrasion

Microabrasion means polishing teeth with the help of pumice and diamond. In this process, the dentist will remove braces stains by sanding off the enamel, the top layer of your teeth. Your new enamel layer gets visible through this sending and polishing. It is whiter and practically spotless.

3. Teeth Whitening

Various teeth whitening products are available over the counter or online, like pastes and strips. These products help in reducing the intensity of spots and make your teeth appear whiter. However, getting a professional teeth whitening treatment from a trusted dentist is way better than using these OTC products.

To Sum Up!

You don’t need to get disheartened because of braces stain. Visit your orthodontist to know the suitable treatment for your case. This is an issue that can be prevented by taking proper care. And it can be fixed with the right treatment. Don’t let any apprehensions come in between you and your dream smile.


1. Is it common to have stains after braces?

Yes, it is common to have stains after wearing braces. However, with the right treatment, you can avoid these stains and improve the appearance and health of your teeth. It is possible to get rid of teeth staining caused by braces.

2. Why do teeth turn yellow after braces?

Plaque accumulation on the teeth can turn into yellowish or brownish calculus or tartar. This buildup can cause demineralization, which erodes tooth enamel and leaves white spots on the teeth. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to cavities.

3. Do post-braces stains go away?

Braces are highly effective for straightening misaligned teeth, but they can sometimes cause discoloration. However, with a regular teeth-cleaning regimen and good oral health care habits, you can reduce the risk of tooth discoloration.

4. Can you get rid of white spots after braces?

White spots on teeth after braces cannot be removed with a regular oral care routine. However, a cosmetic dentist can offer various treatment options for white spot removal, such as dental bleaching, microabrasion, enamel infiltration, cosmetic bonding, and dental veneers.

5. Are the stains from braces permanent?

Stains from braces are usually not permanent. With proper dental care during and after your orthodontic treatment, most stains can be removed. For more severe staining, professional treatments such as dental cleaning or teeth whitening can effectively eliminate them. It’s important to address these stains promptly to prevent long-term discoloration.

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