The Benefits of getting orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

Did you know that orthodontic treatment does not just straighten your teeth and correct your jaw alignment, but also alleviate your other physical health problems? There are a few more advantages of getting orthodontic treatment other than giving you a confident smile and boost in self-esteem.

Let us expand on those other benefits:

Better Aesthetics

Some people have upper front teeth or lower front teeth that stick out, and this causes jaw misalignment, which might look unsightly. One of the main goals of an orthodontist treatment is helping the patient achieve a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look to their face. This is known as dentofacial aesthetics. Dentofacial aesthetics focuses on making sure that tooth and jaw alignment help compliment facial symmetry.

This will help the patient gain greater self-confidence and flash their million-watt smile whenever please without feeling hesitant to look at their teeth.

Better Oral Health

Misaligned teeth can cause a lot of build-up of dental plaque and bacteria. This can lead to the formation of cavities and other serious gum diseases. Research has shown how oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream and lead to heart disease.

Getting orthodontic treatment at the right time can save you from cavities, periodontal diseases, and serious medical problems down the line.

Better Digestion and Gut Health

Jaw misalignments can result in not chewing food properly, which can really mess with your digestion in the long run. If your teeth aren’t aligning correctly, then they’ll strain your jaw muscles. This means you won’t be able to bite and chew your food properly.

Getting proper orthodontic treatment means getting your teeth aligned, and hence correcting your bite.

Better Sleep

A misaligned jaw can lead to you having sleep problems. Any growth deformities in the upper jaw or airway can cause a blockage to the lungs. This can lead to the development of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause many long term physical effects that can be really harmful.

Having orthodontic treatment can help correct jaw problems that cause sleep apnea.

Overall Health

After you get orthodontic treatment for a misaligned bite, you get rid of so many problems. Not only are you free of the stress that would come with jaw pain and bad oral health, but you will also feel better about yourself because you can now show off your perfect teeth when you smile.

Thus, orthodontic treatment gives wholesome physical and psychological benefits to its patients.

If you are looking for an orthodontist that will help you get the best orthodontic treatment in Carmel that you deserve, then Putnam Orthodontics is right for you.

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Dr. Satish Pai

Dr. Satish Pai – an Ivy League trained dentist and a faculty at Columbia University, believes that a perfect smile not only makes a person look great but feel great while boosting confidence.  As the founder of Putnam Orthodontics, he is dedicated to not only creating perfect smiles for his patients but also educating people with his engaging articles about all things related to a perfect smile and oral health. Spending time with his family always brings a smile on his face. 

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