Benefits of Braces Beyond Straight Teeth

Benefits of braces

People think of braces as a tool to correct crooked teeth to get a straighter smile. But the benefits of braces go far beyond straightening your smile for a better appearance. Braces can improve your overall oral health in several other ways.

Benefits of Braces

1) Decreases the Risk of Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Misaligned teeth can create gaps in your teeth, where food debris can accumulate. These food particles eventually turn into plaque, increasing the chances of gum disease and food decay, which can lead to more severe problems, like the infection spreading to the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.

Braces can help in teeth straightening by slowly re-aligning your teeth and closing the gaps. With properly aligned teeth, cleaning your teeth gets easier, and your oral hygiene gets better.

2) Mends Your Bite

The misalignment of your jaw, which is known as malocclusion, can cause serious discomfort while speaking and eating. Malocclusion causes bite problems as follows:

3) Overbite

When your upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth, it can wear your teeth out. Though a slight overbite is normal, your orthodontist will determine if braces are needed in severe cases.

4) Underbite

The opposite of an overbite, this is a condition where the lower front teeth overlap the upper front teeth when your mouth is closed. People with this dental condition have a prominent lower jaw. Problems of misaligned teeth (overbite and underbite) can be solved easily with the help of braces.

5) Crossbite

Unnecessary wear and tear on your teeth because of a misalignment between the upper and lower jaws is called a crossbite. In rare and very extreme cases that involve repeated use of the lower jaw, people may suffer from a crossbite and may have facial asymmetry.

6) Openbite

An open bite is when your upper front teeth and lower front teeth don’t touch when your mouth is closed. This means your molars face excessive wear and tear when biting down on chewy foods, like apples. In extreme cases, it might cause a speech impairment or a lisp. Braces can help in re-positioning your jaw, which can improve your speech and help you chew better.

7) Corrects Teeth Crowding Issues

Overlapping teeth can cause dental hygiene problems since it’s tough to reach such corners in your mouth with a toothbrush. Dental braces treatment can stop crowding from issues like periodontal disease and dental decay.

8) Closes Teeth Gaps

That extra gap between your teeth can become a magnet for food and plaque and cause oral hygiene problems. Your orthodontist can correct this with the help of braces.

9) Mends Unmatched Dental Midlines

Unmatched dental midlines are caused when there is a misalignment between the upper front teeth and lower front teeth. This might cause jaw problems and other dental hygiene problems. Braces can correct the misalignment.

10) Treats TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) syndrome is a jaw that is locked in position, typically resulting in a clicking or popping sounds. This can cause pain, but you can seek orthodontic treatment as braces can be the answer to your problems.

11) Prevents Bone Erosion

The arrangement of your teeth can influence the amount of pressure put upon your jawbone when you chew or speak. This pressure stimulates bone growth, keeping your teeth in place. Misaligned teeth can put a lot of pressure on other teeth, which erodes the bone over time. Getting braces keeps your jawbone healthy by balancing the pressure.

12) Cures Jaw Pain

The jaw joints may carry out self-correction to fix crooked teeth. This may result in serious jaw disorders over time and cause discomfort in your daily routine. Symptoms such as jaw popping and chronic headaches are signs that your joints are trying to make up for your misaligned teeth. Braces put an end to these symptoms and bring your jaw back to its correct position.

13) Enhances Your Appearance and Boosts Your Self-Confidence

If you have dental problems like misaligned teeth, trouble speaking and chewing, asymmetrical facial structure, etc. you may feel embarrassed and anxious about meeting people. Braces can fix all these oral problems and make your face achieve a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look. Braces can help transform you into a more confident individual, flashing your beautiful smile whenever you please.

Straight teeth may be one of the most popular benefits of braces, but they obviously offer a variety of other benefits as well. Moreover, braces can make you feel more confident, which is a great trait to have for your emotional and mental well-being.

If you are ready to start your orthodontic treatment and experience the benefits of braces, then Putnam Orthodontics promises you high-quality orthodontic care. Call our orthodontist in Carmel at 845-459-8500 and our orthodontist in Briarcliff at 914-432-7625


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