Adult Orthodontics in Carmel & Briarcliff

Adult orthodontics helps you in maintaining your oral health along with flashing a beautiful smile and straight teeth. Moreover, you can achieve all this discreetly without the conventional metal braces! We at Putnam Orthodontics in Carmel and Briarcliff, NY, are proud to offer state-of-the-art and clear adult orthodontic treatmentsfrom which you can choose according to your budget and preference.

Reasons Why Adults are Considering
Orthodontic Treatment

Adult orthodontic treatments are getting popular as they provide effective solutions for the following common dental health-related problems:-

  • Feeling pain and pressure in the jaw because of crooked teeth
  • Teeth not fitting together properly because of malocclusion or a bad bite
  • Improving dental health in general and getting a more confident smile
  • Preventing gum disease, which is more common in adults than kids
  • Preventing tooth decay due to teeth being crowded or separated

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adults

For Adults, treatments like Invisalign and braces are perfect for dental issues that you didn’t get treated for in childhood and also for age-related dental health problems. Have a look at some of the most popular options!

Clear Braces or Ceramic Braces

Clear Braces or Ceramic Braces

Clear braces are not visible to people around you. Therefore they are also called Invisible braces. That makes them one of the most popular types of braces for adults. Clear bracescan be made of plastic or porcelain. But generally, they are made of ceramic. Your orthodontist permanently attaches these braces to your teeth with the help of wire and removes them after the treatment. You need to be mindful of some food and drinks that may cause stains on ceramic braces.

Metal Braces

A kid or a young teenager wearing braces comes to your mind when you first hear the term metal braces. But orthodontists now widely use metal braces for adults. A wire is tightened around the braces and teeth to gradually pressurize your misaligned teeth to get into the correct position. You need to be wary of hard or sticky food while wearing metal braces. That is because those food items can be stuck in braces wires and can damage them.

Metal Braces
Invisalign and Clear correct clear aligners


Invisalign treatment became immensely popular for adults lately and for good reasons. First of all, Invisalign is a set of transparent plastic aligners that are not visible to others. Secondly, you can remove them when you eat or brush or floss and wear them again yourself. Therefore there are minimum or no food restrictions for this treatment. Your orthodontist will change the aligner tray after every 2 weeks to maintain the progress of the treatment.

Why Choose Putnam Orthodontics

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Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

Braces are one of the most recommended orthodontic treatments for adults. Some of the prominent benefits of braces are mentioned here!

  • They Reduce the Risk of Dental ProblemsYou can’t brush and floss appropriately with crooked & misaligned teeth. Thus, if these issues are not treated timely, they can cause cavities resulting in tooth decay. Getting braces is ideal for treating misalignment of teeth for adults. It also reduces the need to get oral surgery to correct these dental issues in the future.
  • They Boost Self-confidence – Makes You Look Good and Feel ConfidentApart from health concerns, aesthetics is also one of the significant reasons for adults to wear braces. Braces can treat the misalignment of your teeth to make your appearance better. When you look good, your self-confidence gets a boost. You can finally smile without being cautious. Isn’t that great for your social and public life!
  • They Are More AffordableModern orthodontics has an affordable option for every pocket. You can choose the invisible braces or the metal ones, depending on your budget and the condition of your teeth. To make braces more affordable for adults, many orthodontic clinics now offer easy and flexible installment options.
  • Corrects Your BiteUnfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a biologically correct bite by birth. Many people suffer from bite issues like crossbite, underbite, and overbite. Routine tasks like chewing and biting become a challenge with these conditions. Adult braces provide you with an opportunity to correct your bite at any age.
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