6 Key Things You Should Know Before Getting Braces

Braces treatment

Getting braces may seem like a commitment you might not want to get into but you shouldn’t worry anymore. With technological advancements in orthodontics, braces are a great way to maintain good oral health which comes along with aesthetic benefits. There are so many misconceptions about braces treatment and that’s why we’d like to bust those myths so that you make an informed decision before you commit to any treatment.

Here are 6 key things to know before getting braces:

  1. Get Braces at Any Age
  2. When we say braces, we imagine a teenager who’s trying to fix his crooked teeth.  Wearing braces has no age limit so long as your teeth and gums are suitably strong. Those with poor gums and dental health may not find braces suitable for them. Invisible brace treatments are also an option to keep you from worrying about a change in appearance.

  3. Going to the Right Orthodontist
  4. Select the best orthodontist who makes you feel at ease and understands your concerns before braces. Acquainting yourself with your orthodontist and asking him/her all the questions pertaining to pre and post treatment will give you a better idea of what to expect. Also, speak to the other members at the clinic so that you know who’s involved in your orthodontic treatment before you get braces

  5. Cost May Vary
  6. The Braces treatment surely doesn’t come cheap and the price of your braces may vary according to your age, location, the clinic you visit and any other treatments that may be involved The price may also increase depending on the types of braces you choose. Moreover, if you opt for invisible braces, you will be paying more as the cost of manufacturing them is higher than metal braces.

  7. Anticipate Some Pain
  8. You’re likely to experience some pain for a couple of weeks because the brackets are going to rub against the inside of your mouth, which may leave some sores. But do not worry as your orthodontist would prescribe over-the-counter painkillers to help you deal with the pain. Moreover, simply rinsing your mouth with a salt water solution can give you some relief. The pain you thought would last a lifetime will be over sooner than you expected and you would wonder what the fuss was all about. It is important to be patient during this treatment because your end goal is a beautiful smile.

  9. Straight Teeth Mean Good Oral Health
  10. Most people undergo orthodontic treatment because it helps them to straighten their teeth. However, good oral health is the end goal. This means no more jaw pain and headaches. You will also restore good oral hygiene and that will prevent any further teeth straightening treatments.

  11. Retainers to be Worn After Braces
  12. Retainers after braces serve as an important part of orthodontic treatment. Thus, your treatment doesn’t stop after your teeth braces come off. A set of retainers will be created from the mould of your mouth. Your treatment plan will determine what type of retainer is suitable for you. Some orthodontists may recommend a bonded permanent retainer to ensure that your teeth are in place. And, with this we have covered almost everything to know about braces so now all you need to do is, consult your orthodontist about your options.

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Dr. Satish Pai

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