6 Benefits of Braces

Benefits of braces

Braces do so much more than just give you a better smile; they also help in improving your oral health. If you wish to get metal braces, brackets will be attached to each tooth and a wire will connect the brackets. However, you can also opt for Invisalign braces, which is a plastic tray that can be easily removed when you eat, brush and floss your teeth. Get braces now so that you have healthy teeth in the future.

How do Braces Help?

Braces help in re-aligning your teeth, improving their position and appearance. Identifying the need to get braces at a younger age can go a long way in maintaining a lifetime of good oral health. Thus, seeking orthodontic treatment can reduce the chances of gum disease and tooth decay.

6 Ways that Braces Improve Your Oral Health:

  1. Decrease the Risk of Gum Disease and Tooth Decay
  2. Misaligned teeth can create gaps in your teeth, where food debris is accumulated. These food particles eventually turn into plaque, increasing the chances of gum disease and food decay. Braces can put an end to the gaps after which cleaning your teeth will seem effortless and you wouldn’t have to worry about your oral hygiene anymore.

  3. Mend Your Bite
  4. The misalignment of your jaw, which is known as a malocclusion can cause serious discomfort while speaking and eating. Braces can help in re-positioning your jaw, which can improve your speech and help you chew better.

  5. Treat TMJ
  6. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) syndrome is a jaw that is locked in position, typically resulting in a clicking or popping sounds. This can cause pain but you can seek orthodontic treatment as braces can be the answer to your problems.

  7. Prevent Bone Erosion
  8. The arrangement of your teeth can influence the amount of pressure put upon your jawbone when you chew or speak. This pressure stimulates bone growth, keeping your teeth in place. Misaligned teeth can put a lot of pressure on other teeth, which erodes the bone over time. Getting braces keeps your jawbone healthy by balancing the pressure.

  9. Cures Jaw Pain
  10. The jaw joints may carry out self-correction to fix crooked teeth. This may result in serious jaw disorders over time and cause discomfort in your daily routine. Symptoms such as jaw popping and chronic headaches are signs that your joints are trying to make up for your misaligned teeth. Braces put an end to these symptoms and bring your jaw back to its correct position.

  11. Boosts Your Self-Confidence

There is no need to shy away from meeting your friends or new people if bad breath, yellow or decaying teeth, trouble speaking and chewing are your concern. Facing these problems can result in embarrassment and anxiety in meeting people. Although self – confidence is not a part of oral health, it definitely helps you worry less about dental problems. Braces can help transform you into a more confident individual and change the shape of your face. A straighter smile and better aligned jaw can enhance your facial features.

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Dr. Satish Pai

Dr. Satish Pai – an Ivy League trained dentist and a faculty at Columbia University, believes that a perfect smile not only makes a person look great but feel great while boosting confidence.  As the founder of Putnam Orthodontics, he is dedicated to not only creating perfect smiles for his patients but also educating people with his engaging articles about all things related to a perfect smile and oral health. Spending time with his family always brings a smile on his face. 

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